Using Highlights

Using Highlights / Filters

Highlighting is a great tool for identifying both simple and complicated steps.

In Live Sudoku - you have the highlight menu on every puzzle and you can click any digit '1'-'9' with the mouse to highlight all its appearances within the puzzle.

You can also click ALT plus any digit to highlight it - for example - ALT+4 to highlight '4's.
Highlight Cells

See what happens when we highlight '4'.

All the '4's in the puzzle are now highlighted.

This is helpful to scan rows, columns and boxes in order to use any of methods we teach to solve the puzzle.
Highlight Cells

For example, if you scan the '4's in this puzzle and look at mid-left box - you can see that it is a hidden single.

R6C2 must be a '4'.
Highlight Cells

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